The Journal of Evolution and Health brings together academic researchers and clinical practitioners to develop evolutionary insights into the major factors affecting health, and to translate those insights into practical methods for improving human and animal health.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2 (2017)

Research Articles


Bacterial development of resistance to botanical antimicrobials
Guillermo Ruiz, Tiffany Turner, Erik Nelson, Linda Sparks, and Jeffrey Langland

Clinical Article


The paleolithic ketogenic diet may ensure adequate serum magnesium levels
Zsófia Clemens dr., Andrea Dabóczi dr., and Csaba Tóth dr.

Popular Article


Proceedings of the 5th annual symposium of the German Society for Paleo Nutrition held in 2017
Klaus Steger, Bernd Honermeier, Harel Seidenwerg, Ingrid Herr, Philipp Zimmer, Rainer J. Klement, Clemens Kunz, Jörg Spitz, Wolfgang Haak, and Hannelore Daniel