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Do You Really Want a Hunter-gatherer Microbiota? Perils and Pitfalls for Your Gut


Clinicians have long understood the immense impact the health of our gut has on things like weight, energy, depression, autoimmunity and more. With the recent advancements in microbiota research we have learned much more about this connection. Like never before we understand how we can alleviate chronic health conditions and enhance well-being through improving the health of the gut.

However, with this increased research has also come over speculation and ill-informed recommendations. This has high impact on today's healthcare professional or consumer who could unintentionally do harm. For example by replicating the microbiota of hunter-gatherers of Africa, we could make a individual not born in equatorial Africa bloated, constipated and overweight.

I will represent academic microbiota research with clinical research on digestive health. My aim is to provide clinically relevant and evolutionarily sound recommendations for achieving optimum well-being via improving the health of individual’s gut. I am a practicing clinician with specialty in gut microbiota.

There are some things we may want to replicate from an ancestral perspective. And other things that can be detrimental to our health. In conclusion, I propose guidelines to which clinical decisions we should do and which ones we shouldn’t do so as not to harm ourselves or, if you’re a healthcare provider, harm the people that you’re working with.

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